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Elize and Teepo by lenadrofranci
Elize and Teepo
I made this for a collab about the Tales of series. This is Elize and her stuffed talking toy Teepo, from Tales of Xillia. Great game by the way ;)
Here's the link to see the other works, there are some good stuff!
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Ashley Williams by lenadrofranci
Ashley Williams
It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, but here it goes. Ashley Williams, from Mass Effect series. I made this for a collab, here's the link:…
Mass Effect is one of my all times favorite series, I don't really like Ashley, but I got her by chance on the collab. I made an animated version of this, but iI'm not happy with it, so I'm not posting it.

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Since many people keep asking the same questions about my painitngs, over and over and over, making me want to punch them on the face, I'll answer them all here, and leave it here for a looooong time.

Q: Hey, do you use 3D on your paintings?
A: No, I paint them, that's why it's called painting.

Q: I don't believe you make these from mind, you liar! You overpaint them!
A: Sometimes I use photo references, but I NEVER overpaint photos, I think that's lame cheating.

Q: Help me, I try to paint, but I suck hard on it, and I am too lazy to practice and study, give me a magical solution to paint like you!
A: Sorry, I'm no magician. If you want to paint like me (shame on you, there are so many better digital painters than me around, you should want to paint like them, not me!) you have to train, and study. I did not learn to draw and paint out of nowhere, I do it since I was a little kid, so I can't just go telling you how to become good in a fast non-time consuming way.

Q: What about those textures? How do you make them? I'm sure you use 3d, you freaking liar!!
A: Again, I don't use 3d. Whenever I see a nice pattern of texture, I take photos of it. I ave a huge bank of textures, most of them I made, some others friends made and shared with me. You see, the texture are the only stuff that's not painted, it's photographed.

Q: Hmmm, can you share your textures with me??  
A: No, I can't. Go make your own textures, it's way more satisfying.

Q: Which brushes do you use? My brushes don't look good on my paintings like yours do!
A: Mostly I use the default rounded brushes from photoshop, with some tweaks. An also I have a huge collection of brushes I made my own to specific situations like smoke, dust, shining, hair, etc.

Q: Can you share your brushes with me?
A: No, I can't. If you use someone else's brushes your work tend to become a lame copy of this someone's brushes, in my opinion, because my brushes works for me, for my needs, many of them may not even make sense for most of the people. I recommend people to experiment with the brushes and make ones that work for them specifically.

Q: Why don't you make tutorials?
A: Because I don't really have the time or the will to keep track of all the steps I've made on a work, since I don't really have a predetermined set of actions to doing my paintings... plus, I keep saving all the time and lose old steps...

Q: What tablet do you use?
A: I use a Intuos 3 tablet. But really, that won't make a lot of a difference, I know people who are way better than me using a Bamboo, or a crappy Genius tablet.

Q: What software do you use?
A: Photoshop.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: If by request you mean making a painting that takes me the whole day or more, of your original character I may not even like, and else, for free, then the answer is NO. I don't work for free.

Q: Hmm, ok... do you take commissions, then?
A: No, i don't take commissions.

Q: Whyyy?? A lot of good artists take commissions!!
A: Well, go ask for them to do it, then. You see, I make a living out of my work, and I have to make money to pay my bills, and the DA is not the best place to make money. I work as a freelancer motion designer, and frequently my free time is very little, so there's no time to do DA commissions.

Q: You... you are greedy capitalist pig!
A: Sorry, unfortunately world works that way, I have a life, I need to pay for it.

Q: Why do all your girls look a little asian?
A: I can't answer that. But I like asian girls, perhaps that's the cause.

Q: Why do you only paint girls?
A: Wrong, I do paint guys, I just don't post them here ;)

I thinks that's it for now! When a lot of people starts to make the same new questions repeatedly I'll add the questions to this faq.
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Leandro Franci
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